Android Management

Android in the Enterprise

Because of its open origins, Android has often been perceived as less secure than other mobile operating systems. This is no longer true. SOTI enables businesses to manage, secure, track, configure and support their corporate-liable and/or BYOD Android devices.

SOTI directly partners with over 70 mobile device manufacturers; we work very closely with the four largest Android device manufacturers that currently dominate the market. SOTI is always driving toward MORE open standards and MORE common API’s. This makes business mobility easier for our customers.


As an example of industry leadership, SOTI collaborated with key device hardware manufacturers to develop Android+. This was an industry first – harmonizing device management features across multiple manufacturers to help reduce fragmentation. Even with other Android management API’s available in the marketplace, there are still device manufacturer’s and Android OS versions that rely on Android+ to extend device management capabilities.

Android for Work

Android for Work (AFW) is Google’s EMM platform that enables the development of managed, secure business applications. Android for Work powered by SOTI provides a dedicated workspace with full OS-level encryption to securely separate business and personal data and applications on Android tablets and smartphones. Containerization lets personal data stay private, and corporate data remains secure.

Samsung KNOX

Samsung KNOX technology solves the challenge of managing both personal and corporate data on Samsung devices. Samsung KNOX advanced containerization technology segments personal and corporate application, data and content at the OS level. SOTI enables IT to manage the corporate side of the device to open the door for powerful features such as VPN for secure communications, single sign-on authentication and data leakage protection within the container.