Field Services
Keeping Field Services in the Field

Mobility is the bread and butter of the Field Services industry.  Field Service workers need their mobile devices to perform their jobs; communicating with the back office, executing work orders, finding the address and/or accessing schematics. SOTI makes deploying, securing, managing and supporting these devices easier. But that’s not all. SOTI enables Field Service features and functions that are just not possible in a non EMM environment. Providing remote support, managing telecom expenses, tracking lost or stolen devices are just a few examples of what becomes possible with SOTI managing your mobile devices.


Improve Workflow and Productivity

Migrating your work-order system to the mobile device makes a ton of sense. Using their mobile device technicians are able to; process work-orders real-time, log their hours, and create bills or invoices. Mobility boosts productivity by simplifying the workflow of your day-to-day operations. SOTI boosts the effectiveness of mobility by managing and securing your mobile devices. Any kind of update or upgrade, whether it’s a price list, application version or operating system refresh is taken care of automatically by SOTI.

Support Anywhere, Anytime

Hopefully, your Field Service workers are great at their job. What they are not so great at is figuring out what is wrong with their mobile device when it is not working. SOTI’s remote support features make it easy for IT Admin staff to communicate with remote users, view what is going on and then help the worker fix the problem. Remote support becomes available anywhere and anytime. Keep your Field Service in the field where they are productive.

Rapid and Scalable Deployment

It is important to get mobile devices into the hands of your Field Service workers quickly so that they can do their job. New and replacement devices need to be provisioned smoothly and distributed quickly. SOTI will get your Field Service workers productive sooner. Our rapid provisioning gets one or hundreds of devices properly configured and ready to go in minutes, all with a simple barcode scan. Reducing IT’s burden with a complete “out-of-the-box” solution for staging and configuration provides tremendous value for your enterprise.

Manage your Telecom Costs

Field Service workers need to be able to do their job no matter where they are and they may or may not be allowed to use their mobile device for personal reasons. SOTI accommodates your business mobility rules; toggle on/off phone features, restrict application downloads, and whitelist/blacklist websites. SOTI makes sure there are no surprises when the monthly bill arrives. We track telecom usage, give warnings about approaching thresholds and shut down features if those thresholds have been exceeded. Reducing or putting limits on telecom expenses is good business sense.