Managing Mobility for Healthcare

Like most industries, mobility is making a huge impact in healthcare. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners are using their smartphones and tablets for basic communications, and also for clinical activities. Mobile devices are so powerful, so useful in healthcare that if they are not provided, people will use their own. And it’s not just smartphones and tablets in the hands of practitioners. The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken healthcare by storm; patient monitors, infusion pumps, and diagnostic imaging solutions are all going mobile and getting connected. However, as more people and more devices get connected, there is an increased security risk and the potential to compromise sensitive patient data. SOTI enforces the security of mobile devices always and everywhere. With SOTI, healthcare practitioners can realize the full potential of mobility, without sacrificing security and privacy.


Keep Compliant

Whether it is HIPAA in the USA or GDPR in the EU, many healthcare organizations are required by law to protect patient data. SOTI provides centralized administration tools that control who can access device data – and how, when, and where that data can be accessed. Robust reporting and logging features provide an audit trail for all your compliance needs. SOTI makes it easy to keep compliant across all your mobile devices, including worker BYOD smartphones and tablets.

Empower the Patient

Patient mobile devices provide an amazing opportunity for the healthcare facility. Allowing a patient their device for communications and entertainment is a no-brainer, but if you enroll and manage the patient device, lots of new things are possible. Patient tracking, appointment scheduling, ordering meals, discharge instructions and admin surveys can all be conducted from the patient’s mobile device. The best part is, no fixed assets expenditure is required. SOTI empowers the patient and enriches their experience, while reducing cost and complexity for the healthcare facility.

Optimize Clinical Workflows

Mobile devices improve the healthcare practitioner’s ability to access and update Electronic Health Records. More timely and accurate patient information is vital for improving clinical workflows for both inpatient and outpatient. SOTI intelligent app provisioning and secure content library puts the right tools and data in the hands of the healthcare worker where and when they need it. We give you total control over your sensitive content and allow IT administrators to set access controls, priority levels, document expiry and location-based delivery.

Improve Operations

It is not only clinical departments that can benefit from access to managed mobile devices. SOTI can manage the mobile devices of operations too; lock down the device to prevent non-productive use, provision custom apps like push-to-talk (PTT), or even track the mobile device user as they move throughout the facility. Porters are available sooner, housekeeping prepares rooms faster, and maintenance fixes minor problems before they become major.