SOTI MobiAssist Main Components

SOTI MobiAssist is a powerful, easy-to-use remote support solution comprising four main components: the Administration Website, Technician Website, MobiAssist Console and Device Agents.


MobiAssist Administrative Website

The Administrator website allows administrators to manage user accounts and queues, configure their administrator dashboard, download MobiAssist software and generate appropriate reports. You can access the Administrator website via the MobiAssist Login box at the top right of the page.

MobiAssist Technician Website

The Technician website allows helpdesk technicians to manage their own support queues, download MobiAssist software, view their technician dashboard and generate their own reports. You can access the Technician website via the MobiAssist Login box at the top right of the page.

MobiAssist Console

MobiAssist Console is an interface used by support technicians to conduct remote support sessions. Technicians can initiate new sessions or respond to online customer requests waiting in a shared Queue.
MobiAssist Console can be used in various ways :
  • Connect directly to the customer via MobiAssist-generated PIN or email link.
  • View and remotely control devices and desktops
  • Store detailed session history and notes
  • Explore files, registry entries, processes, and services of the remote device
  • Chat with remote users and fellow technicians
  • Perform detailed system diagnostics and maintenance including reboot-then-reconnect and factory reset
  • Create and remote control multiple sessions simultaneously.


Applications are one of the main drivers behind the success of business mobility. It started with simple apps like email and calendaring and today businesses rely on mobile Line-of-Business (LOB) applications, ERP and SFA solutions to empower their mobile workers and keep them productive on the road. At the same time, vendor app stores offer thousands of applications across dozens of categories. Application management can be extremely complicated; provisioning what apps are allowed on what device, managing updates, configuring settings, all of these activities are required on a regular basis.

SOTI delivers a comprehensive suite of mobile application management features. We enable over-the-air distribution, configuration, updating, and removal of apps from your enterprise library or public app store. We do this for Android, Windows and iOS applications. For mandatory business apps, we can install/remove apps in the background, without the user even being aware of what is going on. And whitelists/blacklists provide an extra layer of control. SOTI gives your business a fully unified, fully curated application experience.

Key Features

  • Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Enterprise App Catalog

Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO)

Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) gives users unified credentials across Enterprise and App Store apps. A unified identity reduces “password fatigue” and support calls. IT staff defines an account and specify target applications that will authenticate using SSO credentials.


Mobile workers need access to company content; reports, forms, files and data wherever they are. As many IT managers know, employees will do whatever it takes to access content on their mobile devices. This may include backdoor remote access or unsanctioned collaboration platforms.

SOTI delivers two options for delivering secure mobile content; SOTI Content Library and SOTI hub. They give your business a secure platform for the managed distribution of corporate content to/from mobile devices. IT staff can configure priority levels, specifying time durations for document availability, stagger content distribution by location, and enable automatic or on-demand downloads. In addition, your business files can be searched, filtered, sorted and grouped with tags making it easy for mobile workers to access the documents they want quickly and easily.

Key Features

  • SOTI Content Library
  • SOTI hub

SOTI Content Library

The SOTI Content library makes it safe and easy to distribute and manage access to corporate content through the MobiControl agent. We support multiple document formats and files can be pushed out one-to-one, one-to-many or one-to-all. Some of the options that IT staff can configure include; distribution by group/role, priority levels, time duration for document availability, release by geo-location, and much more.


Device retirement is an often overlooked phase in the device management lifecycle. Many organizations consider it enough to throw the retired device in a drawer somewhere. However, it is important to properly retire or re-purpose a device properly when a user changes roles or leaves your organization. You need to remove all corporate content and applications from the device, wipe WiFi and VPN settings, and remove the device from you MDM enrollment database. Device retirement becomes even more challenging for temporary or contract employees, and BYOD devices.

SOTI provides easy, automatic device retirement; devices can be retired with the touch of a button and with a minimum amount of end user involvement. IT administrators can wipe corporate partitions, de-provision access to corporate resources, and unenroll BYOD devices from active management. Using over-the-air backup and device wipe, IT can stay on top of changes in the organization and ensure devices are re-purposed or retired according to corporate policy.

Key Features

  • Compliance Tracking
  • Backup and Wipe Data by Container

Compliance Tracking

For some industries it is important that any device being retired is done so properly, and that a record of that process including; when it happened and what steps were taken, is kept for compliance reporting.

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