Mobile Security

Mobile Security is a Journey

Security is a journey, not a destination. In today’s business world you must do everything you can to maximize mobile security, and keep continuing to do so. Each element of mobile security; physical, network, data and device are mutually dependent. If any one of them is missing, the others are compromised. You need a comprehensive mobile security solution that delivers all of these security elements and builds a solid foundation for your business mobile security needs. In addition, new security threats pop up every day, you need a flexible mobile security solution that can adapt to new security threats before they become a problem.

SOTI EMM does it all, security is our middle name. We enforce device authentication, data encryption and manage certificates to prevent unauthorized device use and data loss. SOTI supports containerization to assure regulatory compliance, and prevent the misuse of valuable company assets. We track lost or stolen devices, and can shut them down or remote wipe them in the field if required. The bottom line? SOTI steers you on your journey to mobile security.


Physical Security

Today’s mobile devices are powerful, easy-to-use and expensive. When you add up replacement, downtime and setup costs, replacing a lost or stolen mobile device can easily run into the thousands of dollars per device. SOTI’s location service tracks your lost or stolen device, and then remote lock and remote wipe features can shut it down if it is deemed non-recoverable.

Device Security

Ensuring that only the owner can use a mobile device and only in an appropriate manner is a big part of device security. SOTI supports biometric and two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to valuable corporate data and documents. IT uses our solution to mandate password rules that dictate the password length, complexity, expiration frequency and screen timeouts. By controlling authentication rules on the company’s mobile devices, IT departments can ensure that they are as secure as regular desktops and laptops.

Data Security

No matter where they are located; on company servers, workstations or even mobile devices, business documents, data and content must remain private and secure. SOTI includes AES-256 full device storage encryption using FIPS 140-2 certified algorithms to ensure that any sensitive company information residing on a mobile device in the field is as secure as if it was on a workstation back at the office.

Network Security

The key benefit of the mobile device, its mobility, is also a major risk factor. For a mobile device to be productive in the field, it often needs to communicate back to the office. Email, content and application data regularly travel to and from the mobile device and the office over a wireless connection. SOTI ensures that however the mobile device connects to the office, the connection stays private and secure.