Multitel (Pty) Ltd and MULTITEL.NET in the USA has coincidentally selected the name business name years ago.  The 2 companies has also, unbeknownst to one another, developed synergistic services and products on 2 sides of the ocean.

It now seems like destiny that these 2 companies was bound to meet and collaborate as partners.

In 2014 the 2 Multitel’s, partnered in the offering of unique  telecom solutions. Our aim is to empower individuals, small companies, and large corporations to stay connected through localized and international phone numbers through our digital communication services. Our goal is to provide higher quality services at a cost effective rate that will allow our users the ability to grow personal relationships as well as their businesses.

We empower  companies to reach the global market through our services such as VoIP, international phone numbers, free hosted PBX*,  telecom voice switches with e911 services, texting/sms and CNAM services.

We also provide an API service that  allows unrestricted access to our services, enabling you and your customers to use and benefit from our solutions. Integration services are also available upon request.