October 2015

Multitel announced that it has been appointed as the Distributor for Ongair, a Singaporean based company that specialize in offering fully integrated Unified instant messaging solutions.

The Multitel  and Ongair partnership makes great sense due to the specialized, workflow based, business solutions that Multitel has in the market.  It is the combination of this specialized workflow based business solutions with the Ongair Unified instant Messaging platform, that has found major traction in the South African marketplace.  Insurance businesses, Banking and financial institutions as well as Service companies are all very excited to offer their content and services via a selection of IM platforms that include WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Telegram, WeChat, Live Chat and many others.

“We are innovating on an ongoing basis and we are discovering new and innovative ways to deploy the IM platforms for business use every day” said Theunis de Beer, CEO of Multitel and Multitel Cloud Services (Pty) Ltd. “We have been at this for some time now and we have accumulated a large number of white labeled applications that we are offering to our clients in association with Ongair and its Unified IM platform”

The Multitel/Ongair partnership further extends it potential by Ongair having distribution rights for the MultiTel Workflow based business solutions that have been integrated with the Ongair platform.  The global distribution strategy has been approved and the distribution channels are being created.

For more info and to apply as a reseller, contact Multitel a www.multitelcloudservices.co.za or email info@multitelcloudservices.co.za.