Professional Services
Proven Expertise Available for Hire

No one knows your business like you do, and no one knows SOTI’s products like we do. SOTI has helped deploy thousands of EMM solutions globally. Our Professional Services staff have experience with mobile device deployments of all shapes and sizes, across a broad range of industry verticals. Our expertise is available for hire; from basic installation and configuration help to EMM best practices. Take advantage of our expertise to make the most of your enterprise mobility investment.

Getting Started

Accelerate your EMM deployment with our SOTI mobility experts. SOTI JumpStart is a rapid implementation service enabling you to start using SOTI MobiControl within 2 business days. We can provide recommendations on required hardware and firewall settings and network architecture to ensure an efficient, scalable and stable environment. Access SOTI’s expertise and free yourself up to focus on your business priorities.

Customize Your Implementation

Mobility management can be complex. We understand that one size does not fit all. Remove the guess-work and let us do the heavy lifting to supercharge your deployment and align your SOTI MobiControl implementation with your mobility objectives. We will configure SOTI MobiControl based on your distinct requirements and our strong understanding of industry best practices.

Easy Migration

Keep your mobility management current without the migration headaches. Upgrade to the latest version of SOTI MobiControl to leverage new capabilities and the latest features with minimum disruption to your operation.

SOTI Device Certification Program

No one knows mobile devices and EMM like SOTI does. Our deep relationships with hardware OEM’s and operating system companies has created unparalleled mobile device expertise. We work with hardware OEM’s upon request to validate core EMM functionality and verify compatibility with SOTI MobiControl. This same service is available to you to make sure that your chosen mobile devices will perform as expected; no bugs, no surprises, and no problems.


Enterprise Mobility Management
More than the Management of Mobile Devices

In the early days of business mobility, MDM was a powerful tool that helped IT staff manage mobile devices and keep them secure. However, the needs of the company have grown beyond simple MDM; more mobile workers, more types and models of mobile devices, and more capabilities on those devices has significantly increased the mobile management challenge. In addition, your mobile workers need to be as productive on the road as they are in the office. They need access to key business applications and important company content, but everything still needs to be manageable and secure. Today’s mobile businesses need Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

From deployment to retirement, SOTI EMM makes it easy to manage mobile devices and their applications, content and security. It doesn’t matter what make, model or operating system, our EMM solution handles BYOD devices as easily as it manages corporate-liable devices. No other EMM vendor can come close to SOTI’s rich history of product innovation and customer satisfaction. Over 15,000 customers across 170 countries rely on SOTI MobiControl for their EMM needs.


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Get your employees productive sooner. SOTI’s rapid provisioning will reduce IT costs and get your devices online in minutes, all with a simple barcode scan. Upon enrollment, each device is automatically configured with the required account information, applications, proxies and VPN settings. Profiles make provisioning hundreds of devices as easy as one.


Protect the integrity of your corporate IT environment. SOTI supports biometric or two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to the mobile device and through it, the corporate network. We use industry leading encryption technology to ensure that data on the device, or on removable media remains as private and secure on the mobile device on the road as it would be on a workstation in the office.


Keep track of your valuable company assets. SOTI makes it easy to enroll, configure, provision, track and remote lock/wipe your mobile devices over the air. By keeping track of your devices, we make it easier to plan for replacements and upgrades.


Regulate the distribution of business applications. SOTI delivers the right application to the right employee on the right device. Corporate applications can be installed silently and deployed without any employee interaction required. This makes it easy for the mobile worker and keeps them up-to-date and productive without interrupting their real work.


Control your valuable corporate content. SOTI enables IT admin to set rules for who sees what documents and what they are allowed to do with them. We keep an audit trail by logging who accesses what files and when. Keep tight control over your valuable corporate content, while enabling your mobile workers to stay productive while they are on the road.


End-of-life your mobile devices securely. Even when a device is being retired, there is still some important work to be done. The device needs to be backed up. This will make it easier to migrate to a new device by transferring contacts, calendar and content. Once the backup is complete, the device has to be wiped clean from the company’s perspective; i.e. all data, agents and applications removed. Lastly, the device must be unenrolled from the EMM server and removed from the list of manageable assets; so it is no longer locatable or updated.