Managing Mobility for Retail

Mobility is changing the retail landscape. Mobility is impacting the consumer’s shopping experience, and is touching every part of the retail ecosystem. Retailers are creating ‘omnichannel’ strategies that are driving more mobile devices and applications to improve the timely delivery of goods resulting in increased customer satisfaction. SOTI provides a 360˚ view across the entire retail value chain. We help streamline retail operations, protect regulated data, and empower employees to keep pace with the customer’s changing demands. SOTI helps you make your sales.

Use of Mobility in Retail

  • Today’s shoppers are interested in faster and friendlier shopping experiences, and retailers are embracing this trend and leveraging the Internet of Things to help them. The combination of signage, beacons, cloud connectivity, NFC technology and analytics is creating an immersive interactive experience that resonates with the consumer.
  • Use of Beacons to help your Shoppers Beacons entice shoppers into your store and help them find what they are looking for. When they are moving around the store, other beacons can deliver news, promotions or stock information based on location within the store or proximity letting technology assist your customer automatically.
  • Everyone Manages Inventory Mobile devices with barcode scanners deliver the next level of inventory management. Now everyone in your value chain is equipped and has complete line of sight of your inventory.
  • Extend your Brand onto the Device A branded mobile application can improve customer loyalty, encourage use of coupons to drive store visits and enable a more personalized shopping experience keeping your brand top-of-mind for your customers.
  • Prevent Lineups with mPOS Retailers know that long lines are detrimental to the consumer’s retail experience, and can impact brand loyalty. Mobile technology is solving this problem, delivering POS directly to the customer anywhere in the store.
  • Flexible Signage Where it Counts Digital signage is evolving from static displays to interactive platforms that engage consumers like never before. Communicate to your customer’s at the point where they browse your shelves and pick their purchases.
  • Extend the Shopping Experience Endless Aisle solutions help balance inventory with demand and extend a seamless shopping experience online and instore. Tablets are a flexible solution that can be used as kiosks, smart displays, and at the point-of-sale.

Why SOTI for Retail?

  • Make Mobility Part of your Retail Operations Retailers are looking to do more with their mobile devices. They want to deploy and manage company software, applications and content through a centralized, configurable and scalable system. SOTI device management features enable zero-touch configuration for the rapid staging and provisioning of consumer-grade and rugged devices. SOTI App Package Delivery gets the right application to the right employee on the right device – quickly and securely.
  • Protect your Retail Regulated Data Retailers are expanding the use of mobile devices across their operations. Smartphones and tablets are being used for accepting payments in retail locations. Mobile devices used as Point of Sale terminals (POS) must adhere to the PCI-DSS standard to protect customer data. SOTI helps retailers meet the requirements mandated by the PCI Mobile Payment Acceptance Security Guidelines.
  • Fast and Easy Device Provisioning Getting properly configured new devices into the hands of your employees can be slow and costly. And once these devices are in the stores, updating them can be an even bigger pain. SOTI makes device deployment and updating fast and easy. MobiControl Stage gets one, or hundreds of devices configured and ready to go in minutes. SOTI also delivers quick provisioning for smart peripherals such as connected printers. SOTI provides enterprises with cost savings by speeding the deployment and provisioning of new devices.
  • Devices in the Aisles New peripherals, new attachments and new applications are extending the reach of retail mobile devices into the aisles. Self-serve kiosks provide stock and product information and mobile POS terminals allow retail workers to make sales face to face with the customer away from the till. This can improve the customer sales experience and increase revenue per customer. SOTI improves the management and security of these devices by enforcing authentication, and adding data encryption. In addition, SOTI Location Service and geo-fencing features can restrict or lockdown devices that leave the premises

Bringing it All Together

Every day you hear about amazing new technologies, mobile devices, and software, but true disruption will not come from a single ‘thing’, mobile device, or application. Revolutionary advances in retail will arise from bringing all of the pieces together to fundamentally change the shopping experience.

  • Mobile technology can enhance the shopping experience before your customer even enters the store.
  • Branded applications on mobile devices can deliver daily or weekly e-flyers to user’s smartphone.
  • When shoppers are walking around the mall, beacons can advertise “walk-in” specials based on their purchase history and entice them into the store.
  • Digital signage will direct the shopper to products that they are most likely to purchase and beacons can trigger to offer promotions based on proximity
  • In the aisles, single-purpose devices in kiosk mode can provide product information, check inventory, or order stock and once the shopper is ready to checkout, mobile sales staff with mPOS enabled devices can scan their purchase, swipe their credit card and print their receipt on the mobile smart printer attached to their belt.

Tying all of these systems together plus managing their connections and keeping them secure is difficult. SOTI makes it easy to manage all the different types of mobile devices and their security, applications, and content. As the Internet of Things grows, we will continue to provide industry leading mobility management for all endpoints, whether you wear it, carry it or drive it.