Flexible Support Options

Support is a tricky proposition; it is not really important to you until you need it, and then it is vitally important. Support is always important to SOTI. We are committed to providing our customers around the world with unmatched technical support. SOTI provides an extensive array of online support resources to help you resolve your problems yourself. Or if you prefer a real person, our highly trained, dedicated support team is always ready to provide you with answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.

In addition to SOTI’s standard support plan, we offer two levels of premium support; SOTI Advantage Support and SOTI Enterprise Support. Our premium support offerings provide a dedicated priority support queue that is available 24x7. The SOTI Enterprise Support level includes a dedicated Technical Advisor to provide proactive support.

Over the years we have acquired a large number of customers who are running different versions of MobiControl, and while we will support you on any version of MobiControl you might be currently using, we will only provide code base bug fixes for the most recent revisions of the last two major versions of MobiControl (12.4 and 13.0).


Comprehensive Software Maintenance

SOTI is always improving their products. We provide frequent major and minor new version releases for software updates, operating system changes and new features. This ensures that your MobiControl solution is always current.

Knowledge Base Articles Access

SOTI knowledge base articles to find answers to your SOTI MobiControl implementation. Get helpful advice in an easy to understand format written by our support engineers.

Skin Catalog

Services Access or request newly-made skins as they become available in our skin catalog. This is available for either old or new devices on the market. Using skins makes troubleshooting easier as you can view the devices, keyboards and its configuration.

Location Services

Locate, track and map your GPS enabled devices in real-time with MobiControl and Microsoft’s Bing Maps. You can enable rules for your devices to ensure that they remain in a certain area (geofencing) or track your devices. This information can also be recorded to ensure that your devices are where they need to be at all times.

Software Utilities Catalog

Access to SOTI’s utility catalog of over 50 customized utilities. Utilities are built to perform tasks that are not currently available in MobiControl. Once a utility is built and deployed successfully, it is usually implemented in a future version of the product.

Log a case

If you are unable to resolve your problem, please log a case and SOTI Support Engineers will contact you to be of further assistance.

Rooted and Jailbroken Devices Not Supported

Only devices in which the digital protections added by the manufacturer have not been circumvented are supported by MobiControl.