Telecom Expense Management
Keeping Tabs on Telecom Expenses

A growing number of mobile workers rely on their mobile devices for their day to day work.  Not just email and calendars, they need access to business documents, ERP & SFA systems and important line-of-business (LOB) solutions. Your business needs to support these trends with a comprehensive mobility strategy.

The growth of enterprise mobility puts added strain on the IT department. They want to empower the mobile worker, but also manage and secure their devices. They need to track and manage the costs due to the increase in mobility; voice, text and data roaming charges and long distance. Managing telecom expenses is necessary for a business to make efficient use of their enterprise mobility investments.

SOTI delivers an integrated Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution. We streamline mobile operations and manage voice and data utilization, allowing businesses to keep telecom expenses under control. IT can track and manage voice and data use. They can set soft thresholds that trigger notifications for users or groups that exceed predefined limits. Alternatively, hard thresholds can be implemented to disable SMS/MMS messaging, turn off data, or even restrict voice calling if a user exceeds their plan limit.


  • Make efficient use of your mobility investments with TEM

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Device Messaging Policies

Messaging policies enable IT administrators to restrict SMS and MMS messaging to comply with monthly data limits and/or your companies security policies.

Phone Call Policies

Phone call policies are an effective way of managing voice charges. They can be used in a corporate-liable device deployment to protect against roaming surprises and overage charges.

Cellular and Data Roaming Controls

SOTI’s extensive cellular data policies enable granular control over data usage on corporate-liable mobile devices. IT administrators can pro-actively monitor and manage voice and data usage. They can take action if users or groups go over their allocated voice or data.

Robust Reporting

SOTI’s TEM capabilities allow you to create detailed reports on voice and data usage. Drill down to the device and application level. Our reporting engine lets you create and schedule regular customized reports to gain insight into how mobile devices are being used.