Managing Mobility for Transportation & Logistics

Whether you move people or products, mobility is revolutionizing your industry Managing Mobility for Transportation & Logistics The logistics and transport industries are seeing a growing reliance on mobile devices to improve customer service, reduce costs, and increase productivity. The downside of having more mobile devices also means; more complexity, and sometimes more IT headaches, and more risk. SOTI eliminates risk, and relieves those headaches. We make it easy to deploy, manage, secure and support all of your mobile devices; laptops, tablets and smartphones, purpose-built or consumer-grade. SOTI enables you to deliver better than the competition.

Transportation and Logistics industry

The transportation and logistics industries have always been an early adopter of mobile technology. Lower costs of mobile devices is putting them into the hands of everyone touching the supply chain and taking the transportation industry to new heights.

Why SOTI for Transportation and Logistics?

  • Deliver Enhanced Productivity The workers in your supply chain are mobile – they depend on their mobile device to do their job. SOTI enhances the capabilities of all mobile devices. It doesn’t matter what form factor or operating system, SOTI supports multiple platforms. We keep your devices and the data on them secure, and we can help locate them if they are lost or stolen. We also manage what’s on the device — what applications, data, or documents. SOTI enables your people on the road to be as productive as they are in the office, anywhere and anytime.
  • Provide Remote Support Your mobile workers require their device to be working with optimal efficiency. They may not have the expertise to fix them when a problem occurs. SOTI’s remote support features make it easy for IT staff to communicate with remote users, view what is going on and then help them fix the problem. Remote support is available anywhere and anytime. The problem device does not have to be shipped back to HQ for repair. There is no downtime and no need for a replacement device.
  • Keep Drivers Safe Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles or oversee a mobile workforce, there are measures you can take to reduce the risks of distracted driving. SOTI’s distracted driving policies can protect your workers from dangerous driving. We let you lock down devices or applications based on vehicle speed. SOTI eliminates liability to your organization by enabling lockdown/kiosk mode which limits functionality of your mobile devices that are on the road.
  • Track your Assets Your workers are constantly on the move, and so are their mobile devices. Visibility into where these assets are, and what they are doing can improve your operations. SOTI can track everything a mobile device does even down to when used. Our flexible reporting features make it easy for HQ to extract this information to figure out ways to better streamline their mobile operations. SOTI helps you keep track of your valuable mobile assets with robust reporting and analytics capabilities to drive efficient mobility management.

Bringing it All Together

Mobile technology has been in use in the transportation and logistics industries for over 20 years. It started with rugged mobile devices providing voice and email communications between management and drivers, and has grown over the years to include almost everyone touching the supply chain. • Consumerization is contributing to the explosive growth of mobility in every industry. • Because mobile devices are cheaper, companies are deploying them to all of its warehouse staff, management and drivers. This trend is producing incredible visibility into the supply chain and enabling process improvement and cost savings • The Internet of Things is also well entrenched in logistics. RFID chips, integrated vehicle telematics, and wearable devices have been improving supply chain efficiency and reducing costs for years. This trend will accelerate as new connected ‘things’ come to market like beacons and NFC tags. With all of these new devices and things, there is a real and growing challenge to secure and manage them. SOTI does it all; we secure and manage all of the devices, applications and content that you need to deliver endless possibilities.

Mobility in Transportation and Logistics

  • Measure Everything to Improve your Processes Mobility is simplifying data retrieval from tracking mileage, fuel consumption, engine performance, driver hours of service (HOS), and even driver hours per work week.
  • 360° Visibility into your Supply Chain Empower everyone in your supply chain with a mobile device to have greater visibility managing shipment status to providing more accurate ETA information to customers.
  • Simplify Regulatory Compliance Integrate regulatory compliance into your operations and make it easy for your shippers to file error-free correct customs documents quickly.
  • Improve Customer Service Keep your customers happy by rapidly identifying and reporting OS&D (Over, Short, Damage) situations and initiating freight claims process.
  • Real-time Data Enables Supply Chain Management Real-time asset visibility; drivers, vehicles, & cargo, from pickup to delivery is required for Supply Chain Management (SCM). Additional integration with important back end systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, payroll, etc.) lets you improve the efficiency, accuracy and timeliness of key business processes